Do Dutch women have it all?

  Originally published on A recent report published by and Social and Cultural Planning Office shows that Dutch women don’t want to work full-time. An astonishing 76.6% of Dutch women work less than 35 hours a week. Therefore, it might not come as a surprise that Dutch women still do significantly more housework than men, although 26.8% work parttime… View Post

Persians in Amsterdam.

Cycling through Amsterdam with Boyfriend. Me: Look! There’s a museum of Persian history in Amsterdam! Boyfriend: What?! Me: Yes! I guess there must be a large Persian community here. Look at the sign: PERS MUSEUM. Boyfriend: Sweetie, ‘pers’ means ‘press’ in Dutch. It’s Press Museum. Me: Well, that’s DISAPPOINTING.     If you’re still interested in the (non-Persian) press museum,… View Post

Moto dicks. Dutch copywriting fails and wins.

To an unsuspecting foreigner, particularly of Anglo-Saxon descent, it may be quite shocking to hear a Dutch five year old using ‘fuck‘ and ‘shit‘ in a sentence almost as often as the cast of Geordie Shore. If you speak another language, you’re probably aware that it is much easier and more fun to use fancy sounding foreign curse words than… View Post

Don’t be an asshole to yourself

When I’m not here I give unsolicited advice. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tutorial for Bad Yogi. It’s always a good idea to challenge yourself and keep developing, but don’t be an asshole to yourself if things are taking the wrong turn. It’s challenging to live in a foreign country and constantly prove to yourself (and others)… View Post